Curaleaf   Las Vegas, NV   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
Posted on November 4, 2022
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Our corporate social responsibility is Rooted In Good Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Social Equity + Sustainability Social Responsibility | Curaleaf | Cannabis with Confidence We believe in taking corporate and social responsibility very seriously, from our educational outreach to national partnerships, state-wide initiatives and local causes. Giving back to the communities where we operate is important to us, and helps to change old attitudes by showing the positive impact of cannabis in crFollow standard operating procedures (SOPs)
- Implement good agricultural practices (GAPs) and follow all GMPs and Facility Rules
- Keep good records and follow good documentation practices (GDPs)
- Keep good records of all practices implemented and data collected as pertaining to Lead responsibilities
- Assist in all plant care from clone to harvest, including automated and hand watering, cloning, propagation, transplanting, pruning, topping, defoliating, trellising, and harvesting.
- Typical daily work tasks required include (but not limited to); pruning, transplanting/moving plants, harvesting, cloning, hand watering, cleaning, IPM tasks, inventory management, etc.
- Monitoring of environmental conditions including, but not limited to, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, VPD, W/M2.
- Gather EC, pH and volume data from the irrigation system in the grow rooms
- Distribute biological control agents (BCAs) as needed
- Apply foliar feeds and preventative and other sprays when directed - Scout rooms for pests/disease and document on proper forms - Operating and maintaining cultivation systems/equipment - Stocking of cultivation supplies as needed
- Cleaning, sanitation, and setup of all grow areas
- Calibration and cleaning of pH and EC meters
- Maintain and ensure proper storage and sanitation of all tools and equipment, including but not limited to shop vacs, pumps, hoses, carts, scissors, stools, totes, gloves, rags, and PPE gear
- Conduct trials to evaluate possible improvements to the crop
- Perform regular audits as required
- Perform any other job-related tasks assigned by managementeating jobs, changing lives, and helping local communities.


Las Vegas , NV